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Practice Fitness and Mindfulness in VR

Providing you with the VR tools you need to practice yoga, self-defense, and meditation at home or on the go!

Ready to start your Self Enhancement Training?

Practice like a warrior
in mind and body

What is SETVR?

SETVR, Self Enhancement Training in Virtual Reality, is a platform for fitness, mindfulness, and martial arts practitioners allowing them to practice their skills anywhere, anytime.

Created by Dr. Reginald Lee, SETVR will aid YOU on your self enhancement journey.

Warm Up.Fight AI.

Cooldown.Repeat & Review.

Worry less about how you'll stay fit and centered!

I think the Oculus Quest and SETVR are excellent tools to stay in physical and mental shape during this challenging time of our lives.

Eric Lee
King of Kata
Author of "The Journey of an Artist" 

Bring fun structured practice
into your daily life

Gain access to a series of workouts for both your body and mind!

Warm Up

in a virtual dojo


virtual attackers


with yoga and more


your metrics and stats


History Portal
Demo Now Live!

This demo showcases a demo resource for future martial artists to learn more about their predecessors and different styles of martial arts!


Daily Exercise
from Start to Finish

Don't know many exercises? Can't find a partner? A little scared of going to a gym?

No problem! We've got you covered with our Virtual Trainers, AI Attackers, and our various scenarios that'll help you get moving!


Warm Up with a Virtual Trainer

Start your daily session with dynamic warm-ups to:

  • Learn and practice yoga
  • Loosen your muscles
  • Prepare your reactions


Fight Virtual Attackers

Through multiple virtual attack scenarios you’ll:

  • Improve your stamina
  • Train your muscle memory
  • Practice hand to hand combat


Cooldown with Yoga and Meditation

After breaking a sweat you'll go back to the virtual dojo to:

  • Cooldown your muscles
  • Build flexibility with yoga
  • Focus on yourself with meditation


Review Your Stats

You can use SETVR’s stats and calendar to:

  • Keep track of your progress
  • Record dodges, hits, and more
  • View all of your past training 


Repeat Daily for Benefits

SETVR’s focus on game-like exercise helps you:

  • Burn fat, build lean muscle
  • Expand your routines 
  • Build fun healthy habits 

"I think this will become one of the best training tools you can have. As close to real as you can get."

Barry Harboin

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A great interactive training aid plus it's fun!"

AJ Perry


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SETVR has changed my attitude towards Training Enhancement! I really believe that SETVR will revolutionize your training.

Gary Lee

Sport Karate Museum 




  • Warm-up
  • Alley Environment
  • Punching Attacker
  • Metric Recording
  • Yoga
  • Meditation



  • Warm-up
  • Alley Environment
  • Store Environment
  • Punching Attacker
  • Kicking Attacker
  • Knife Attacker
  • Metric Recording
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Who's SETVR For?

From beginners to pros in fitness, novices to experts in mindfulness, or anyone looking to start self-enhancement training in VR!


looking to have fun breaking a sweat

Martial Artists

hunting for new ways to train


seeking new ways to focus on themselves


searching for the latest and greatest in VR

From the Blog


SETVR was created by a licensed Physician with more than 50 years of martial arts experience, who is also a 6th. degree black belt;

A 10th degree black belt engineer/co-founder with more than 50 years of martial arts experience;

A physically challenged female co-founder with more than 15 years experience in running a non profit organization that offered practical and emotional support to others who were physically challenged.

As an application SETVR seeks to provide access to on the go training that will lead to a balanced lifestyle.

As a company, SETVR seeks to transform the fitness and mindfulness industries through creating cutting edge consumer experiences.

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SETVR LLC is endorsing Professor Gary Lee’s Sports Karate Museum and a future platform for a history portal!

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